What is Close Protection, and How Does it Benefit You?

Close protection is a safety precaution frequently used by actors, musicians, celebrities, and members of the royal family. It is implemented to reduce the chances of danger and protect the person. Close protection officers are responsible for defusing dangerous circumstances toward the individual who hired their services, whether accomplished through dialogue, unarmed combat, or physical restraint.

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What is a Close Protection Officer?

Close Protection officers, also called bodyguards, are highly trained special officers who protect individuals from unwanted attention, unwelcomed guests, physical guests and other external dangers.

To professionally perform his duties, a CPO should have these traits;

  • He should be strong, robust, and in good physical condition. His physique is of extreme significance for the client’s safety.
  • He should not be lazy but always remain active and alert to sense potential danger.
  • He should pay close attention to minute details and be intelligent enough to anticipate threats.
  • He should have a keen eye for spotting attackers among dense crowds.
  • He needs to be able to separate fans of celebrities from them without harming or injuring them.
  • He should be able to communicate effectively with the client.

Who Needs Close Protection?

Many individuals require close protection, including actors or musicians.

Here are a few people or occupations that require close protection services or a close protection office:

  1. CEOs and Executives: High-profile companies are prone to higher risks, such as kidnapping, corporate sabotage from anti-corporate activists or displeased employees.
  2. Political Figures: Politics has always strongly impacted people’s emotions. And those politicians who hold controversial opinions with a certain amount of people are most likely to need personal protection.
  • Victims of Divorce and Domestic Abuse: No one in their lives wants to experience such a period – require protection from your ex-partner. In such a situation, a private protection officer can provide security to any of the two parties involved.
  1. Crime Witnesses: This category includes mainly mafia-related crimes, gangs etc. Anyone who feels their lives may be in danger can benefit from this service.

Other examples include the following;

  • Royal Families
  • Dignitaries and Diplomats
  • Music, film, TV, Sports Persons and Their Families
  • Journalists Covering Controversial Stories
  • Judges and Barristers and Sometimes Members of a Jury
  • High-profile Media Personalities
Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

What Threats Do Bodyguards Defend You From?

Unfortunately, crime occurs in all communities, and some people or communities are more likely to become victims than others. Influential people, for instance, well-known celebrities with massive fan bases or top foreign officials, are likely to require close protection daily.

One of the reasons could be death threats; however, close protection can shield you from several threats, such as:

  • Over- Enthusiastic or Aggressive Fans
  • Potential Stalkers
  • Direct or Indirect Threats
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Convert Surveillance
  • Organised Crime
  • Political Rivals or Opponents

Benefits of Using Close Protection Security

  • Reduces Threats of Attacks
  • Quick Response to Changing Risks
  • Prevents Life-threatening Scenarios
  • Provides Peace of Mind
  • Protects Any Properties and Belongings
  • Helps Disperse Crowds and Fans
  • The Expertise of Skilled and Professional Staff
  • Support at Any Risk Level
  • Freedom to Roam in Public

Roles and Responsibilities of a Close Protection Officer

Although close protection officers’ key role is to keep the client safe from harm, they have additional tasks, including strategic planning, conflict management or project management.

No matter what, their job is highly complex, requiring officers to be always on high alert.

You can expect the following roles from a close protection service:

  • Physical Security and Protection from Harm: Close protection officers offer direct physical protection against threats or dangers like kidnapping, assassination attempts, violent assault, harassment, and physical aggressiveness. On top of that, they are skilled and highly trained, reacting quickly in dangerous situations.
  • Preventative Security: This duty includes checking buildings, venues, theatres, hotels and other venues for possible threats. This is the most important part of close protection services. Moreover, bodyguards will first scan a location or premises for security gaps, access points, exits, and staff members who might interact with the person under protection. Meaning a bodyguard’s duties extend beyond only providing physical protection, as their main goal is to diffuse stressful situations before they turn dangerous.
  • Driving and Travel Security: Close protection officers also assist their clients in travelling safely. They check the vehicles before escorting the client. This role is extremely important as most attacks occur when the person is around the vehicle. Furthermore, these officers also check the routes to ensure a safe and sound journey. Also skilled drivers are also part of their team, which are qualified with tactical driving to save their clients from serious or threatening situations.

Are Close Protection Officers Armed?

Due to the gun laws in the UK, close protection officers are not permitted to carry guns. The only condition when they are allowed to be armed is when protecting the royal family.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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