Bodyguard Services

Bodyguard Services

Also known as close protection services across the UK, bodyguard services hold massive importance when an individual's or public event's security needs are in question. With the increasingly evolving times, it has become vital more than ever to shield yourself from uncertainties. And while it might look pretentious to hire a personal bodyguard, you should know that they have become the need of today. Our close protection bodyguards are more than mere imposing personalities; with most having a distinctive background as part of the UK's military, their no-nonsense attitude takes them beyond merely deterring crimes.

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What is a Bodyguard?

Bodyguards are more directly connected to their clients, unlike commercial or residential security personnel. Our regularly trained team, primarily veterans from the military or police force, stand out among their competitors due to their intuitive knowledge and the latest security tools and technology.

All those individuals or groups that face constant threats from stalkers, burglars, zealous fans, or other emotionally unstable individuals need a personal security guard. Bodyguards are highly aware of the challenges these situations pose and must be prepared for any threatening situation.

People Who Require Personal Bodyguard Services

While many connect bodyguard security to celebrities and high-profile individuals, private bodyguard securities span a broader spectrum of individuals and groups:

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Primary Duties of a Bodyguard

A bodyguard is bound to keep a constant, close watch on any risk indicator. He should be proactive and trained enough to foresee threatening situations and take charge before they occur. In essence, a bodyguard detects potential security issues, devises an appropriate strategy to approach them, and is highly proficient at undertaking tough measures as they occur. The primary duties that our bodyguards execute include the following:

Unique Skills of First-Class Security Guards

Holding and executing massive responsibilities, our personal bodyguards possess a robust skillset, highly trained in firearms, driving, and medical treatments. Other skills that might not be learned or taught originate from the intellectual and analytical abilities to examine situations and rapidly devise solutions.
Other skills that the highly successful bodyguards have are:

Personal Security Guard Cost

Clients ask us one of the first questions: ' How much do personal security guards cost?' While cost is important, it must never overshadow other essential factors and qualities the client should consider before getting around the cost and price element. Cheap security comes with a price too. However, several variables play their role in establishing a bodyguard's price. These include your lifestyle, location, profile, activities you will indulge in after the hire, associated risks and threats, your backstory, and your political and religious beliefs. Other factors include the time of the year, assignment length, service hours, and the country and city of operation.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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