Construction Site Dog Security

Protecting Construction Sites from Theft and Vandalism

At Wolfs & Sons Security, we guarantee professional services of the highest standards. Our dog guard patrols receive extensive training in the field of security for unoccupied and under-construction sites.

Every site is unique and has different security requirements. Whether it’s a multi-storey building or a vacant parking lot, we plan and prepare for each customer on an individual basis. To prevent theft, we want to safeguard the life of everyone and hence work best to fulfil your security needs. Our construction site dog security team timely goes to your construction site to guard the building material and to take any other precaution that is significant.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Security Dog Units and Guard Patrol

We have an extensive range of guard dog units to provide 24-hour security to safeguard your valuable asset from any potential danger. Our security dog unit is the most effective deterrent to criminal activity. Our dogs’ enhanced senses of smell and hearing, combined with their increased agility and speed, make them an ideal security solution to prevent crime. The security of your construction site is the first priority at Wolf and Sons Security.

Static Security Dogs for Your Construction Site

Our construction site dog security services also provide static security dogs to keep intruders out of your construction site. We have a specialised unit of static security dogs at Wolf and Sons Security. Our static dog units serve as a powerful visual deterrent to any criminal activity. For the protection of your construction site, our static security patrol dog team is trained in article tracking, building searches, finding and locating, and handler protection. Our security dogs can detect undesirable intruders and potential danger in broader regions because they are significantly more sensitive to odours and sounds.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

What Are the Benefits of Construction Site Dog Security?

There is a long list of benefits for opting dog guard patrol units to secure your construction site.

Detection of Danger Beforehand

If you choose us to provide you with regular services, you can be sure that your business information will be protected at all costs. We follow strict standards of confidentiality and privacy. Our security personnel have been trained to keep your business information confidential at all times.

Reduces the Security Budget

Instead of spending more on manned security alone, our construction site dog security is a viable solution for all those looking to protect their site on a minimal budget. All other security methods cost much more than guard dog patrol units. If you are constructing a building, the reduction in the security budget is beneficial for your company.

Detection of Intruders within Minutes

Dogs have developed a strong sense of smell and hearing, so they easily recognise people based on their scents. Within days they learn the distinct odour of each individual on the construction site. When burglars and thieves enter your site, our dog will instantly recognise him as an outsider and begin barking. The ultra-modern security cameras will not alert you until you have an alarm attached to it, so it becomes too late to prevent the tragedy. Our construction site dog security services will help your business not just by protecting it but also in a variety of additional ways.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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