Guard Dog Security Services

We provide various security solutions to commercial and residential properties. These include manned guarding, security guard dogs, keyholding services, mobile patrol units, and many more. We have the required qualifications and certifications for providing these services. Our SIA certification is evidence of our commitment to our business. It is earned after continuous complying with the best industrial practices and standards. Contact us, and we will develop the best security plan for your business or residential property. We offer comprehensive security solutions, and our team members have been trained to provide multiple security services.

Public Screening

Guard dog services can come in handy if you have a business with high traffic of customers. Securing the entry/exit points of retail stores, shopping malls, and other businesses with a guard dog can help screen the crowd. This can prevent suspicious people from entering your property. Entry points are the first point of contact between you and your customers, and if they are not screened properly, you can get an unpleasant surprise. Guard dog handlers can harness the extraordinary abilities of dogs and protect your business site.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Live Patrolling with Guard Dogs

Guard dog handlers can provide effective live patrolling of your property with their furry partners. With a trained dog and the command and handling of a trained security guard, you have the perfect live patrolling combination. A security guard dog can walk for miles without getting tired. We have trained our security dogs for live patrolling and perimeter inspection. With our security guard dog services, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your security is in good hands.

Incredible Deterrent

Criminals mostly operate in predictable ways. They would seldom go for a hard target. They prefer easy jobs with no risk of action. Research has proven that deterrents such as CCTV cameras, physical barriers, security alarms, lights, etc., deter people from committing crimes. If that is what passive deterrents can do, imagine the deterrence ability of a fully grown guard dog. Their long canines and fearsome appearance, combined with the presence of our well-trained dog handlers, are the perfect combination to make criminals change their minds. Call us to avail of our guard dog security services for your residential or commercial properties.

Ideal for Vacant Properties

Vacant properties can become a target of thieves and burglars. When they observe no one visits the property, and they will not face any retaliation, they may take their chances and try to break in. However, if guard dogs and their handlers secure such property, such mischief makers will think hard before attempting a break-in. Our security staff can secure your vacant property with their well-trained dogs until you start using it again.

Highly Trained and Professional Security Units

Our security personnel are ex-military or ex-police, and they have the right nose for this job. Lifelong experiences can develop the best set of skills. Our security personnel are fully equipped with the latest security and navigation gadgets. Our canine units have received proper security training and follow their handlers' commands. Hire us to provide highly effective and reliable guard dog services.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Public Friendly

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals and can distinguish between troublemakers and ordinary people, especially when they are trained for this. Our guard dogs are not going to become anyone's friend, but they are trained to perform their job of guarding. Dogs can sense danger and alarm by barking and by their tails. Our dog handlers are taught to read these signs and act accordingly. With our security services, you can create a safe environment for your employees and customers while protecting your lifelong investments. A safe work environment can increase the productivity of your employees and improve your business activity.

Why Are We the Best?

• SIA Certified guard dog company.
• Our security staff receive regular training
• Highly experienced security team.
• All our canine members are fully vaccinated.
• Around-the-clock security services.
• Highly competitive rates.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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