What are Manned Guarding Services

Manned Guarding Services

A manned guarding service is a perfect way to eliminate any threat to your property. Manned guarding service protects businesses, people or assets. Make it one of the most practical security measures against crime. They are much more than just a security patrol at your property. They are equipped with body cameras and audibles to make sure that your property is safe.

Manned Guarding Security Services Succeed Where Surveillance Equipment Fails

Although it is important to have CCTV cameras all over your premises, this equipment does lack the human element. While they can record the danger and provide evidence of a threat. They cannot physically stop intruders from committing crimes. That is where Manned guarding security comes in handy. They will deal with the problem. Making them a much more reliable source of security than surveillance equipment.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Manned Guarding Company

A manned guarding company provides you with well-trained security guards to patrol your premises. These guards are well trained and well equipped to deal with danger. Their years of experience make them a reliable source of security which can keep your mind at peace.

Why Choose Us?

To reduce danger around your property, we use technology as well as physical presence. We believe it's better to take charge initially and be reactive. We strive to protect our clients against robberies, damages or injuries.

How Can Our Manned Guards Protect You?

We understand that each client has different requirements. Maybe you need guards to patrol every hour, or you need them to patrol a specific area of your business or property. Whatever your requirements are, we are always well prepared to adapt and send security guards according to those needs. We know that the size of security matters on the scale of area that is being covered. Our security guards inspect the premises to understand the danger you might face. Then they will create a protection plan according to that. Our security system is a collaborative process. Our guards will always talk to you when forming a security plan.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Types of Manned Guards We Offer

There are various types of manned security guards. At Wolf and Sons Security, we know that having the appropriate security staff assigned to our clients is critical. Here are various types of manned guards and the services they provide.

Unarmed or Armed Guards

We send guards depending on the scale of danger. If the danger level is lesser, we will send unarmed manned guards. They will be physically present at your property. In case of critical situations, we also provide armed guards. They are highly trained and have firearm licenses to carry a weapon. The armed, manned guards are usually ex-law enforcement officers with years of experience in the field.

Body Guards

These manned guards are hired to protect a specific individual or group. They always stay up close and personal with the person they are to protect. They always put their life on the line to protect the client.

Patrol Guards

Our patrol guards can always be present and perform overnight shifts to keep you safe. They can patrol at scheduled times or during emergencies.

Protect with Honour

This is our official motto. We collaborate together with you to get to know your premises so that we can put together security guards that precisely satisfy your needs and your budget. We go out of our way to provide them assistance in situations where most companies will not even dare to. You can visit our site and choose a variety of security options. We can meet your demands no matter what they are. Our manned security guards possess skills, making us the best option in the security business.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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