Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile patrol services are one of a business's most effective security measures. Mobile patrols ensure that a permanent presence of security personnel is felt throughout the premises, which can have multiple benefits. We are an SIA-certified security company, and all our mobile patrol units are highly trained and experienced. Our staff is mostly ex-police or ex-military, giving them an edge over ordinary security personnel. These professionals have spent a lifetime dealing with threats and critical situations. Invite us to your property and we will advise you on the best security plan for protecting you and your assets.

A Sense of Safety

Mobile security patrols create a sense of a safe environment. Customers and employees will feel at ease when your premises are continuously monitored by professional security personnel. With their sirens and colourful paint, patrol cars are visible from a distance and will make people feel safe while acting as a highly effective deterrent for troublemakers. Retail stores and offices with large parking lots, buildings with underground parking lots, vacant properties, and construction sites can benefit greatly from our mobile patrol services.

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Quick Response Time in Emergency Situations

Whether there is a criminal threat on your premise or it needs quick evacuation because of a natural hazard, security mobile patrols respond the fastest:

• They are mobile and can reach any location in seconds.
• They can communicate with each other and act as a joint force.
• They constantly communicate with your central surveillance system to exchange useful information.

Our mobile patrol cars are equipped with the latest navigation and communication systems to ensure a quick response to every situation. They are inspected and maintained regularly, so they are always in flawless condition. Our security personnel are regularly trained and educated to ensure that they are updated with the latest security trends and techniques.

Extensive Coverage

Securing a premise becomes more challenging as the size of the premise increases. Large-size properties require a higher number of security measures and staff. This can increase the cost of providing security. With our mobile patrol services, you will not need to physically man every other location on your premise. Nearly all sections of your property will be visited several times during a particular shift to ensure everything is safe. They can reach places that are not visible to even CCTV cameras. This extensive coverage can only be provided by mobile units. Contact us to benefit from our mobile security services.

Security Checks for a Foolproof Security

One of the biggest advantages of availing of our Mobile Patrol Security Services is that mobile units can perform a series of security checks. They can take a look at all your CCTV cameras and ensure they are working properly. They can also inspect security alarms and physically check every door on your premise. As most of our mobile security staff is mostly ex-military or ex-police, inspection is something intuitive for them. They will make sure that every security system is running properly.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Easy Evacuation with Our Security Personnel

One of the greatest challenges a commercial property may face is natural or manmade hazards such as fire, earthquake, or terrorism. When such a challenge occurs, people often panic, and the resulting chaos can compromise the lives of people and your valuables. Our mobile security units are highly trained to deal with such situations and will ensure proper evacuation without endangering lives and your property.

Effective Security Plans

When it comes to properties, there are various security aspects that need to be addressed. An effective security plan does not revolve around one or two services but is a perfect combination of several security measures and techniques. Installing only CCTV cameras will allow you to monitor and record footage/imagery, but without a response system, these cameras are useless. Security alarms will go off when they detect a threat, but if there is no one responding to a critical situation, there is no point of a security alarm. Our Mobile Security Patrols can fit into any security plan and remove flaws from any security strategy. They can bridge the gap between detection and response. Contact us today to learn more about our services. You can get in touch with us online through our website or call us on our registered number.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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