Mobile Patrol Surrey

Mobile Patrol Surrey

Mobile patrol services can come in handy in several ways. They provide live coverage of your property. The guards are trained to provide an immediate response to threats. They can inspect your property daily and monitor your security installations. They can identify flaws in your security plan and identify problem areas. In short, mobile patrol services are one of the most effective security measures a business can take to protect its interests. While surveillance and alarm systems can alert security companies, the security system will always be weak without security patrolling. Hire our certified and trained mobile patrol Surrey team to secure your property.

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Every business is different, and so are its security requirements. Small companies may only require manned guarding combined with CCTV recording. Some businesses may require twenty-four-hour security while others only require them during working hours. Our consultants have spent a lifetime in either military or the police. They have dealt with security threats throughout their life. They can inspect your entire property and provide you with the best security plan that suits your business and your budget.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

On-ground Presence Around the Clock

Mobile patrol services can be highly useful for properties spread over large areas or properties with large parking lots/underground parking. These services can also be effective for sensitive properties which require continuous surveillance. Because these units are present on-site around the clock and they are mobile as well, they are quick to respond to any security threat. Any suspicious activity detected by CCTV cameras can be reported live to these units, and they can get there instantly.

Deterrence at Its Best

Mobile Patrol unit’s on-ground presence also serves as an incredible crime deterrent. The glimmering lights of a security car, siren, and uniformed security personnel can make any criminal change his mind. Those who don't, will have to face our highly trained security personnel. Many security measures can prevent crimes. These include guard dogs, CCTV cameras, alarms, and others. However, mobile patrol units will deter and counter any security threats. Avail of our mobile security patrols services in Surrey to ensure your property is protected around the clock.

Regular Training Keeps Our Personnel in the Best Shape

Our security personnel receive several types of training. These include physical response, security strategy, and using the latest security gadgets. Security tools and devices are crucial in supporting mobile security units. Our security vehicles are equipped with the newest communication and GPS tracking systems. Our security personnel are well acquainted with using the latest tools. Regular training sessions are conducted to keep our security personnel updated with the latest security measures and trends.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Security for Special Events

You can also avail of the services of our mobile patrol Surrey team to secure important events such as grand weddings, musical concerts, conferences, and others. Our mobile patrol units can monitor the parking lots and ensure that your guests and their vehicles are safe. The presence of our security vehicles in and around the vicinity of such events will send a clear message that it is secure and protected.

Disaster Management

In case of an unfortunate event such as an earthquake or a terrorist attack, our mobile security units can facilitate evacuation, which can otherwise be highly chaotic. Our security personnel are trained for such incidents and know how to manage challenging situations. They can communicate effectively with law enforcement agencies and emergency services to provide the right and immediate response.

Let’s Devise a Plan That Suits You the Best

We can provide you with several security services apart from our mobile patrol Surrey services. A business needs to cover every aspect of security. By providing manned guarding, security dog units, keyholding services, and live patrolling, we can structure a bespoke security plan that constantly provides you with complete security. Availing comprehensive security services from a team which can effectively communicate with each other and belongs to the same security company is much better than delegating responsibility to different companies.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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