Security Dog Handlers

Security Dog Handlers

Dog Handling Security Services

We provide canine units and professional handlers for security, surveillance, and protection. Whether it is a commercial property or a residential one, our security dog units and handlers can provide you with highly effective security solutions. When you hire us, you can sleep in peace with the assurance that your premises are well guarded and secure.

Trained Professionals

We are an SIA-certified security company providing various security services to commercial and residential properties. Our dog handling security services are unrivalled in the United Kingdom. Each professional has received proper security dog handler training to ensure an appropriate command and control of our canine units. Our units have been trained to provide live patrolling, real-time response, crime deterrence, and perimeter security.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Scare Away the Trouble Makers

A uniformed security guard with a canine companion is enough to deter even the most adventurous troublemakers. Crime research proves that many crimes are not perpetrated just because the right deterrents exist. CCTV cameras, physical barriers, security guards, security cars, guard dogs, etc., are different crime deterrents. Among these, security dog handlers are one of the most effective deterrents. Who would want to engage with a fully grown and professionally trained dog? Especially the one who follows the command of his handler? Our security dogs and their handlers have been trained to deter criminals and prevent crimes.

Real-time Response

CCTV cameras and physical barriers may be good deterrents, but providing a real-time response in critical situations is altogether different. Our dog handling security services have been designed to respond most effectively to such situations. Although a barking canine and trained handler make an awe-inspiring combination, if a troublemaker is foolish enough to act, our security personnel are wise and always prepared to respond effectively.

Patrolling Your Premises

Our security guard dog handlers can provide effective patrolling of your premises. Whether you have a parking space that needs monitoring or the perimeter of your building, our security units can provide highly effective live patrolling. Our security dogs have been trained to sniff out potential threats, and that is exactly what live patrolling should be, detection and resolution of security threats. Apart from patrolling your premises, our security dog units can guard your property's entry and exit points to prevent people from carrying dangerous items into your premises or getting out with your valuable inventory.

Sense of Security

The presence of security dog handlers and their canine companions can develop a sense of security in your customers and your employees. Retail stores, shopping malls, and commercial buildings require protection on a much larger scale. Many of these have underground parking spaces, which usually look dark and scary. However, when your customers and employees know that these areas are regularly guarded by well-trained security personnel and guard dogs. Moreover, our security guards have undergone various dog handling courses to ensure that the canines are not aggressive towards common people.

Build the Perfect Security System

Our dog handling services can be combined with other security measures to create the perfect security plan for you. Manned guarding at specific points at your premises and live patrolling by security dog units is one way to go. Mobile patrol services and dog handling units can form another flawless security plan. Let us provide you with the right advice. Invite us to your premises, and we will devise a foolproof security plan for your property.

Why Are We the Best for This Job?

• SIA Certified security company with considerable experience.
• Comprehensive security plans, including manned guarding, security dog services, live patrolling, etc.
• Highly trained dog handlers undergo a series of regular training sessions to stay up to date with the latest standards.
• The majority of our staff members are former police or military officers.
• Fully vaccinated and trained canine units are trained to distinguish between friend and foe.
• Multilingual staff to ensure effective communication with the clients.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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