Security Dog Handlers Slough

Security Dog Handlers Slough

Maintaining a commercial or residential property is not easy, and businesses need to focus on several aspects to ensure they make profits. Among so many challenges faced by businesses as well as households, the most important one is security. Crime rates worldwide, including in the United Kingdom, have increased substantially during the last decade. Our environment demands that we take all the necessary steps to ensure safety and security. One such measure which is of great benefit is employing security dog units. These units comprise a well-trained dog and a qualified security guard in total command of the dog who is also trained to handle security challenges. Our Security Dog Handlers Slough are highly trained and experienced. Secure your property by availing of our services.

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Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

The Best Security Dog Units

Keeping a guard dog is not enough. The guard dogs must be professionally trained so that they can respond to the commands they receive from their handlers and also be able to act on their own. In addition to the security dogs, the handlers also have to be physically fit and able to handle the dog effectively. Our security company is SIA-certified. SIA certification is received after ensuring world-class security standards and training. You can lose the certification if these standards are not met regularly. Our dogs and handlers have completed several security dog handler training courses and constantly undergo training to ensure they are aware of the latest security strategies and responses. Moreover, periodic medical and performance tests are carried out to ensure they are in perfect shape.

Most Effective Perimeter Inspection

Dogs have a nose for suspicious things. They will follow anything out of the ordinary and find the source. They are also physically tough and have high endurance. This makes them ideal for perimeter patrolling regardless of size. Hiring more than one security dog unit for large properties can provide complete coverage. The patrolling dog units can constantly communicate with the control room to give and receive feedback. This can be an effective security plan for large mansions, parking lots, open areas, vacant properties, and many more. Our security dog handlers Slough can provide you with around-the-clock perimeter patrolling for your properties in Slough.

Event Security

Security dog units can come in handy when holding an event with high traffic. Crowded places are a favourite target of troublemakers. While you are busy managing so many guests, you may be unable to focus on security. Our guard dog units can stand at entry points to ensure that only those invited enter the venue. Moreover, they can screen and scan all guests and prevent any dangerous items from entering the venue. Wedding parties, musical concerts, business conferences and many other large gatherings can be secured with our dog handling security services in Slough

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection

Crime Prevention

Security dog units can prevent many crimes from occurring. They are a highly effective deterrent. Hardly anyone would like to trouble a professionally trained guard dog. Canines can be trained to sniff bombs, drugs, and other harmful substances which people might carry to your store or shop. They can also read body language and sense a threat. Together with our highly trained and equipped security guards, these canine units can deter criminals, and you can sleep in peace. It has been proven through research, time and time again, that the first and most effective step in crime prevention is the presence of deterrents. A combination of CCTV cameras, warning signs, alarms, flood lights, and security dog units will surely stop many criminals from any adventure.

Security Dog Unit for Multiple Purposes

Security dog units can serve multiple security purposes. From manned guarding to live patrolling, from entry/exit points screening to event security, these units can provide highly visible and effective security coverage. They can fit into every security coverage plan and improve communication across various security layers. They can provide an immediate response to security threats and defend your property. With our security dog handlers Slough, you will save your security costs and enjoy a high level of security.

Bespoke Security Plans

Contact us to consult our security specialists. We will visit your property and provide you with the most effective security proposal. You can get in touch with us online or through our registered number for our dog handling security in Slough.

Wolf and Sons Provides Immediate Security Protection


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