For our customers we are providing services and solutions to protect people, properties and assets.

Manned Guarding

We provide comprehensive and fully inclusive Manned Guarding to a range of locations such as private properties, construction sites as well as private, public and corporate sectors.

Our security personnel are manned multilingual officers who are all SIA licensed and trained professionals. They realize the positive impact they have on security when guarding a property.

For example, those who live in private residences can feel safer and more secure with their families.

Guard Dog Patrol

Our dog patrol units act as a strong, visual and audible deterrent for prospective intruders. The fear of physical harm means a guard dog is prepared to stop any perpetrators from committing property crimes in the form of burglary or theft.

Guard dogs are trained to be safe with members of the public but will defend their handler if they sense any threat.

Patrol dogs are used for a variety of assignments, such as guarding critical infrastructure, parks and open spaces.

Mobile Patrol

We provide mobile patrol services for domestic and commercial properties. Our service can be used in all types of commercial premises, including domestic locations. The most effective form of protection in this situation is foot patrol.

Fully licensed guards and officers are trained to visit and inspect your property at regular intervals. In addition to checking for intruders, they will also check for signs of damage and potential hazards.

Our clients have found that a mobile patrol officer has made a massive difference to the protection of their property.

Central CCTV Monitoring (CCM)

With our state-of-the-art technology and monitoring facilities, we provide round-the-clock monitoring of your CCTV cameras to detect and respond to any potential threats. Our CCM system utilizes advanced motion detection algorithms to automatically detect and alert our monitoring team of any movement within the surveillance area. 

Our services include real-time monitoring, emergency response, and investigative support.

With our CCM solution, clients can reduce the need for on-site security officers.

CIT/Asset Protection

Our Asset Protection security teams are well-practiced in transporting and escorting high-value assets.

Wolf & Sons can provide cash in transit collection services and by managing valuables. We can help a wide range of clients, who wish to transport high-value items.

Our external security audits enable us to ascertain any threats and evaluate risks relevant to your business and your location.

Close Protection

In situations where a more permanent, high-profile or high-risk exposure exists, we can provide specially trained close protection officers.

At Wolf & Sons, all our operators are experienced and adaptable in overt and covert protection. They use specialised skill sets, deriving from their experiences in the military or police.

Wolf & Sons can deploy operatives in any environment to ensure the safety of the principal. Our close protection officers travel around the world to ensure maximum safety for our clients.

Key-Holding Service

We are trusted by many prestigious clients to deal with incidents through mobile alarm response units. Following key-holding standards, our key-holding services are fully insured and we hold an SIA licence.

The benefit to clients is peace of mind, knowing that their property is being monitored and can be attended to quickly in the event of an emergency.

At Wolf & Sons, we strive to provide valuable services to keep our clients satisfied. In this high-tech world, Wolf & Sons are eager to keep up to date with modern technology.

We can also provide the latest X-ray machines, explosive trace detectors and body screeners. So the security of delivered mail and parcels is maintained for clients.


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